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Private Sale / Special Event Teleprospecting

“Of all channels available to those organizations that market products or services or solicit donations, telemarketing remains the most effective direct marketing medium in getting people to respond. For the past three years the U.S. Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has conducted a study on marketing response rates. All three years the study has found that outbound telemarketing had both the best response rate, and the best return on marketing investment. In terms of sales results, outbound telemarketing appears to be the most effective method of getting people to respond to marketing pitches.”

Quotation from Canadian Marketing Association

It’s Easy and It Works

Private Sale Events have been shown to be very effective in getting people into your dealer showroom. Many dealers think the work required to conduct a private sale is over-whelming and quite expensive. The opposite is true. Private Sales events are easy to organize, conduct and the results are directly and immediately measurable. The cost of an event varies as to how large and elaborate you wish it to be. You control the cost according to your budget. We can make evening and daytime calls. We find two passes in the evening and one pass in the daytime works best.

Simple Steps

Here are the simple steps that are taken to do an event:


  1. Determine the details of the event. If it is a private sale send us a copy of any flyer or invitation so we know the details of the event.  We will prepare a script outline and send it to you for approval.
  2. Produce a call list in Excel or CSV format of the customers you wish us to call.
  3. Complete and send contract back to Callstar – fax 506-387-7701 or email to your CallStar sales person.
  4.  We set up an agreed upon calling date(s). Our primary objective is to book specific appointments in your store and to gather information regarding the customer’s existing vehicle such as kilometers and address changes. We also find out if they or someone else in their household is looking for an new vehicle or upgrade.

When we begin calling. the following morning of each day, we send you a detailed list of the results of the calls with notes. It has proven really important that your sales people make a confirmation call to those who have said they will or may attend.