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CallStar is a great place to work. Since we are not selling anything, our calls are “No Pressure”. We are in a strong growth mode and are looking for reliable people to join our part-time team. Since our volume of business varies a lot from week to we, we are looking for people who wish to work on a part-time basis. You don’t have to live in Moncton to be a member of the Callstar team. Our technology allows us to train you “on-line” and have you work from home. You can be anywhere in Canada or the USA and work with us. You just need a decent computer, a good internet connection, and a headset and you’re good to go.
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Royal Auto Group

We, Royal Auto Group have been working with CallStar helping us improving traffic and sales. They are professional and know how to deal and treat customers. We never get any complaints from a single customer. The information they provide goes beyond an appointment and have been helping us finding room for improvement in our services.

Ricardo Halbe